10 Jan 2015 – First Day: First Sighting

Greetings my frost-bitten friends and family members! While it has only been roughly 24 hours since we landed, I think we are all already enjoying the warm atmosphere. While I am sure you all know about the morningÂ’s activities thanks to my friend Mike (If not, check out his post!) I am here to tell you about this afternoon! While we still had a lot of fun, it was time to get serious. The deadline to choose which project we wanted to assist in and eventually present on is drawing near. So near, in fact that a few preparations already had to be made for a few of the sea grass experiments. So we hunkered down and got right into it.

Now donÂ’'t go off bragging to your neighbors and coworkers about how your son/daughter/sibling/friend is working in a lab in Jamaica just yet. We just scraped algae off of sea grass for a few hours. Wait until we actually figure out which questions we want to answer and start really getting into it. Then go tell that annoying neighbor/coworker how awesome we are. Well I better get back in the water, we have a night snorkel planned and I need to get a few more photos in order to start studying for my species ID quiz. See you all soon! Shay


I swear I will eventually get the hang of working this camera.


You take one down, scape it around, 99 shoots left to scrape in the bowl.

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