15 Jan PM – The Food Life

Hey Friends!

For the majority of this post, I would like to at least attempt to convey the sheer excellence of something that everyone here on the trip has been affected by multiple times every day. Apart from the amazing views, both above and below water, the kindness of the people, and all the information thrown our way on a daily basis, one aspect of the course stands apart. The food here is, for lack of a better word, excellent.

Every morning, Precious and her helpers wake up before most of us to prepare our fuel for every morning dive, afternoon lecture, and night snorkel. While some dishes are entirely native to Jamaica, some are reminiscent of food one might find back in the States. From fried chicken with mac n cheese to plantains with rice and peas, all bases are covered here. While diving at a site called Rio Bueno, we [Ed: what's this "we" ?  I'm the one who shot it.] were able to bag a highly venomous and highly invasive Lionfish, Pterois volitans. After carefully removing the dangerous fin spines and scaly exterior, we brought it to Precious. Jerry tasted great.

– Joe


A typical breakfast: Pancakes with fish and fruit.


Pterois volitans not in its natural habitat

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