17 Jan AM – There Is No Place Quite like This!

Hey, there! As the days here are getting closer to departure, I am definitely going to miss my time in Jamaica. The past two days especially have been intense, but with bright sunshine, and clear waters, it’s hard to feel too tired.

Although, I got a minor case of seasickness during our trip to Rio Bueno, my snorkel dive was totally worth it. We all (SCUBA divers and snorkelers) saw amazing creatures, like a sea turtle.

Afterwards, we did transects’, in which we counted and recorded three types of fish, inverts, and algae. It required us to move along the tape, and write down what species we saw and their distance from the path.

Once we got back, we assembled in our rooms, took a quiz, and headed out to this delicious Jerk Chicken restaurant for dinner, that is not too far from the laboratory. As we ate and shared both funny and semi-embarrassing stories, we all got to know each other more than before. We unquestionably had a wonderful time, and I am absolutely going to miss such a great group of individuals who undeniably added to the incredible experience I had in Jamaica doing research.


Jerk Chicken Restaurant

Jerk Chicken Restaurant.

  It's always beautiful in Jamaica

It’s always beautiful in Jamaica.

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