19 Jan PM – We’re Travelers* Not Tourists!

Today we finally got a chance to explore a little more of the country we have been enjoying for the past two weeks. We went to Dunn’s River Falls, a beautiful waterfall that poses the sizable challenge of rock climbing while water is pouring down on you. After that, we went to Ochos Rios, a little town with shops and restaurants. We wondered Ochos Rios, looking for gifts for our loved ones in the little souvenir shops and the straw market. The straw market was filled with booths selling (nearly identical) souvenirs whose owners relentlessly tried to get us to come over and buy a carved sea turtle or a bracelet. We were able to hold our ground, and even perfected the art of haggling over mugs and magnets. After finally leaving the market we had a nice lunch at a jerk chicken restaurant. Our down time is dwindling as we gear up for upcoming finals, and we are all getting a little sad as we begin to see the fast-approaching end to our trip.

 - Emma


Booth at the Straw Market.

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