15 Jan PM – Life at 60 Feet

The crew on their way.

The crew on their way.

For the past week I have been stuck at the surface entering the pelagic region with the restrictions of my own breath. This has been a great experience and you still get to see a lot of life but as you force yourself to depth the commotion tends to startle and scare the aquatic life back into their hiding places, but yesterday and today everything changed for me. With the completion of two dives to 35 ft yesterday and two dives to 60 ft today I can happily say I am now a PADI open water certified diver. Breathing underwater allows you the opportunity to become much more intimate with the world below. The fish, feather dusters and other easily startled organism give you no mind continuing on with their daily activates allowing you to become a part of their world. Entering these deeper waters out of reach for my breath was truly awe inspiring, new life forms that I have only experienced through films and photos availed them selves to me and I must say I’m hooked. I will never forget looking up the side of a patch reef from the bottom and watching shoals of hundreds of fish with their dazzling colors and memorizing patterns dancing about the corals and sponges. I look forward to spending a lot more time at the bottom and seeing what secrets the ocean has in store to me.

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