15 Jan PM – The Business Major

Have to memorize about 70 different organisms for the ID exam.1

Have to memorize about 70 different organisms for the ID exam.1

Being at the lab here at Discovery Bay is definitely an opportunity I am grateful to have. I feel like everywhere you look there is something new you can learn. Feel like being in the water? Go snorkel. Feel like examine some creatures up close? Go to the wet lab. Being a business major on the trip I have a lot to learn. Luckily for me, the other students are mostly bio majors or marine science. This means I have plenty of time to pick people’s brains. The professors Brad and Joe make the lectures easy to understand and are always willing to answer your questions. I may be confused at times but everyone here is really patient and good at making me feel calm about the class. When I first came here the class work was overwhelming because I didn’t know any of the terminology but I feel like I am learning more and more everyday. My main goal is to try my best and try to have fun while learning. Now that SCUBA training is over I am looking forward to being in the water all the time learning about her organisms. I am also excited to go on the boat with Joe and Brad and help them with their research.

-Alyssa (certified SCUBA diver)

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  1. It’s great to see you are learning a lot! Congrats on being scuba certified, you will be a pro by the time you come back. It’s nice that everyone is helping out and you can learn something different!

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