16 Jan AM – Where the green meets the blue

Where the light green turn blue

Where the light green turn blue

“Hey are you coming with us?” yelled Gabrielle. The shore was approximately five meters behind and I was contemplating getting back on land but the bay was calling. My face smacked the water and I started swimming in his direction. Before I knew it my goggles were foggy and I popped my head out the water. Gabrielle and Yuliya (Fakhr) looked over at me and then pointed out to sea and said, “We’re heading past the reef crest” I nodded and thought to myself “where the color changes and the waves are crashing why not”. We began swimming, our legs kicking, our hearts pumping, and our minds imagining the cool things we’d see. The bottom of the bay began to get closer, at first we didn’t notice, but before long it was half an arms length away from our stomachs. We swam a bit more and stopped in an area that had some legroom. This time we deliberated out of fear, a high five meant “STOP” and sticking your index finger out while rotating it meant “lets turn back, we were scared because we were only a few inches away from the coral. Gabriele lead the way and although we were almost beached on the coral, like three fat killer whales, we actually made it. We made it passed the waves crashing into the dark blue water.

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