20 Jan PM – Semester closing


The most beautiful sunrise to date.

The most beautiful sunrise to date.

As the semester comes to a close my class mates and I spend more and more time in the classroom completing assignments and memorizing the latin names of fish, marine invertebrates and algae. The day began with the most beautiful sunrise of the semester so far. The sky was a stunning array of oranges, yellows and reds. A stunning dive in the local waters followed as I further my experience as a beginner diver. My dive buddy and I saw several moray eels, so many in fact that we became disappointed because the tails of these eels look like colorful flatworms and neither of us have seen a flatworm. We also saw many beautiful porifera and corals. After the dive many student convened in the classroom to finish our transect assignment and then studied for our daily quiz and studied for our final on Thursday.

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