21 Jan PM – More from Ocho Rios

En route to Ocho Rios.

En route to Ocho Rios.

Today all of us went out to Ocho Rios for lunch and some shopping at the straw market. There were so many different stores to choose from as we walked around the plaza, our first mission was to get some food. We chose to sit at a restaurant where we could eat outside with a nice view. The food at the lab is always good, but we were excited to try some local cuisine outside our familiar cafeteria. I ordered coconut shrimp which was amazing! All of us at the table enjoyed our food and talked about how nice it is to sit outside while all our family and friends are freezing at home. We were all trying to enjoy our afternoon because we knew when we got back to the lab it would be studying time. We finished up eating and went to the straw market to buy some souvenirs.

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