22 Jan AM – The Reef Ain’t Protecting Us From These Waves!

You probably couldn't see much in the water anyways.

You probably couldn’t see much in the water anyways.

Unfortunately, our last full day here in Jamaica will not start off with a 7AM dive for the second day in a row, due to less than ideal conditions. Sure, we were spoiled this entire trip with beautiful, windless, and cloudless days for the majority of our stay, but it still hurts a little that I can’t get one more taste of life underwater (actually tasting saltwater may not be as missed). As groggy as I may have been waking up at 6AM, cruising on a boat and giant striding into the blue became contagious. Diving was just another routine for us here, and getting to experience breathing at 60 feet below the surface is something I don’t think I’ll forget any time soon.

Jamaica, it’s been real. Thank you for experiences of a lifetime, and sharing a portion of what you have to offer on and below the surface. I’ll be sure to escape the cold of New York as soon as I can.

  • Deana

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