10 Jan AM – Hello everyone!

So we have been here in Jamaica for about 24 hours now and let us tell you, it has been a weird mix between rainy, windy and sunny, we’re just as confused as you are, but hey, it’s been keeping us on our toes for the past few hours. Because of the wonderful wind, we haven’t been able to go snorkeling or diving yet due to the intense surf however, it has been keeping us nice and cool under the hot Jamaican sun. Luckily, we have our wonderful classmates to hang out with during the storms.

Featured: the 2017 class fam.

Featured: the 2017 class fam.

Earlier today, our first class period was taught by Professor Peterson and we learned a little bit about some of the creatures we’ll be seeing and others to be aware of. We mainly focused on the organisms that bite, prick and/or sting like eels, urchins and jellies. Some organisms that I really want to see are Spotted Eagle Rays, Fire Coral, and ideally a shark even though they’re not common to Northern Jamaican waters. I’m sure that will make my mom very happy to hear! What I’m looking forward to most in Jamaica is first, becoming a certified scuba diver and then second, being able to apply my knowledge of marine science and ecology within the field, below the surface.

Our second lecture was spent looking at different types of marine plants, but don’t be fooled, algae is NOT a plant, it’s actually a protist. This was heavily stressed by Professor Warren, but luckily, algae is a less daunting topic than Professor Warren’s physical oceanography class.

After a today’s dry day, we’re all very excited to get into the water, especially after learning the basics of the marine creatures we will encounter! We’re still getting settled here in Jamaica, but once the wind dies down a little bit, our adventures in and out of the water will definitely take off.

Fair Winds and Calm Seas,

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  1. Wishing you calm seas (I’ll skip the fair winds) and lots of great sightings, and if there is a shark, I hope it is a sighting from a distance!!

  2. Wow I am so jealous !! I always wish I studied abroad ! Have fun, stay safe, learn, and don’t forget to FaceTime me !! Oh and bring me something back Jessy !! Love you xo

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