Jan 11 PM – Winds of No Change…yet.

‘Red skies at night, sailors delight. Red skies in morning sailors warning’ not sure how that translates into wind, but if the wind could die that would be great.

I’m also pretty sure I didn’t see red skies this morning. Regardless, no water for us today- the swimming kind; don’t panic we have water to drink.

The view from the dock.

The view from the dock.

The water is still stunning, and the temperature is still beautiful. It’s just a little too choppy to get into unknown waters. Mind you I’ve seen and been in rougher waters
at Robert Moses, but my mom has given me a healthy appreciation for the ocean. I understand that it will always win and I will always loose and since I’ve never seen what lurks below the surface here, I’ll wait until it gets calmer before ‘Mission Impossible’-ing over some Fire Coral.

But hey! It’s not snowing, the food is delicious and I couldn’t be happier. 2 weeks with minimal wifi! I miss pandora (since I never download music anymore), but otherwise I don’t miss social media at all.

Oh at the cats are pretty friendly; I’ve named one cuteness.

So, until tomorrow when we go explore the falls we will be processing Baited Remote Underwater Videos, or BRUVs, for Global Fin-Print. Word for the wise, audiobooks help with those. Not much to report for today though, just waiting until the wind calms and we can go swimming.

– Rachel

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