12 Jan AM – Too blessed to be stressed, too anointed to be disappointed

“Too blessed to be stressed, too anointed to be disappointed”

While still digesting our pineapple upside-down cake we got to listen to a talk by Amber about the history of Jamaica last night. Fun fact: Jamaica has one of two flags in the world that doesn’t have red, white, or blue in it! We got to learn more about the history of the reef where we’ll (hopefully) get to dive really soon. Though it’s suffered some setbacks, the creation of the no-take fishing zone in Discovery Bay has really helped the reef to begin recovery and an increase in both fish biomass AND abundance (that’s actually 2 different things).

Looking down at the falls.

Woke up to slightly less windy conditions and cloudy skies. We headed straight after breakfast to Dunn River Falls, an enormous waterfall that many of us managed to scale 3 times, with only minor slipping. As Professor Peterson said, now was the time to go big, and we charged the falls, navigating around massive hand-holding tourist groups and one lady who was crying hysterically. Soaked to the bone and thoroughly happy, we headed out through a mini straw market and survived the twisty passages and aggressive sales pitches guided by Amber. For our Ochos Rios adventure, including grapenut ice cream (yes the cereal, yes delicious), read on…

– Shannon

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