13 Jan PM – More wind

Hello From Windy Jamaica!

Rough Seas At the DBML Docks!

Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t lightened up. Its beautiful, but the winds still persist. Since its been too windy to dive we’ve spent our time study and learning new material. Right now everyone is working on collector’s curves and other data input systems. This is helping us to learn and identify the various fish and the scientific names.

Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to do our PADI open water dives, since the last 2 people finished their pool dives yesterday. The open water dive shouldn’t take too long so hopefully there will be time to collect specimens after being certified. Hopefully the ocean water won’t be as cold as the water we practiced in.

It is thought that the exam is going to be pushed up to this weekend, so when the nicer weather does arrive we will have more time diving and less time worrying and studying for the exam.

The weather is supposed to be nice next week so there should be plenty of time to dive!

Alex H.

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