14 Jan AM – The Wind Is BACK and better (worse) than ever!

Yesterday mother nature was messing with us and gave us a couple of nice hours to go snorkeling so we had our hopes high that we’d be back in the water today. Bri and I went snorkeling around the bay for a little bit but came quickly back to the dock because we were struggling with our snorkel gear. And like she mentioned, it was so hard to see anything and we didn’t want to hurt any of the coral, or us, by smashing into it.

Meanwhile, Juali was with Professor Warren learning how to snorkel and she loved it! It didn’t even seem like her first time, she was great! So after she became a pro, she took me where she went with Professor Warren, and we saw so many baby fishies! They were so cute but scared of us… especially when I went to try and touch them!

After lunch, the divers were told to be at the dock at 6 AM and the snorkelers at 8AM, and we couldn’t have been more excited to go back into the water. Unfortunately when we woke up, the plans had changed. I’m starting to think that Mother Nature is angry with us and she doesn’t want us in the water!

Yet Another Dry Day (for the divers — the ground is wet from rain).

This morning I had a pretty unique alarm clock! I woke up to Alex banging on our bedroom door and Bri saying “SHHH they’re [Juali and me] are still sleeping!” He came to tell Bri that the dive had been canceled so we all just rolled back over and went back to sleep until breakfast. After breakfast we all started working on identifying fish by their scientific names, which let me tell you, latin is not an easy language to learn! And thankfully we were all sitting inside while doing this because it started down pouring so much that even the power went out!

Latin is NOT easy! Some of our scientific names!

We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will get better soon and well be able to go snorkel/ dive!

Send some warm thoughts to Jamaica for us!


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