16 Jan PM – Finally Got To Dive!

The DBML dive boats!

On our way to becoming divers! Today we had our first diving experience. Being underwater at a depth of 20ft for the first time was intense. Although it did take a few times to equalize my ears, it was a wonderful experience. We got to see various different species of coral and fish. We even got to see a large southern ray. Since we completed 2 of our training dives we are half way to becoming certified divers. Today we plan to get back in the water to snorkel to work on our collections for the identification quiz in the coming days.

We had our lab partial exam last night, it was hard but fair. There was a lot of material on the exam, but we all studied hard and conquered it. It was a very interesting exam to say the least. Walking around the lab looking for index cards, while being eaten by mosquitos was a new experience. It’s a an experience I wouldn’t go looking for, but I’m glad I had it.

Hoping to get certified tomorrow, so we can continue our dives.

Alex H.

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