18 Jan PM – Nothing good lasts forever

It’s almost time to go back to the cold and dry weather in New York. The end approached faster than expected and most of us wish we could stay in here. All we can do is make the most out the next two days because we won’t be see this bright sun in New York for a few months. The weather is not the only good thing about this place, it’s also the people, the laidback lifestyle, the tasty food and the great view of the ocean from my balcony. Jamaica definitely met all of our expectation despite the unexpected winds of the first few days.

Going from an 80-degrees weather to shoveling snow will probably be the harshest transition ever. At least we can all say we had a great time, learned a lot and made friendships that hopefully will last a long time. We were also able to swim in a coral reef, which was a new experience for some of us.

Before this trip I had no idea the diversity of species that can be found in a reef. I also ignored its true importance and why we should take care of it. Most people describe reefs as an attraction for tourists, not knowing how important they are for the animals in it and for us as well. Reefs not only give a home for thousands of species but also protect our coastlines after big storms. I will use this trip not only to have great stories to tell, but also to inform people about the importance of coral reefs in our ecosystem and our daily lives.

Gone are my days, it is the end!

– Juali

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