13 Jan 2018 – King Kava

We had to collectively make dinner as a group the other day, and I was responsible for not just collecting wood for the fire, but for mixing the kava prior to dinner. I’ve already written about how much I enjoy kava and the cultural aspects of it, but being an active part of the ceremony was something completely different. I had to memorize lines in Fijian and mix the kava for everybody, while Maggie told us about the customs and legends of Kadavu. After dinner, I rejoined Maggie, Kevin, Esau, and the others after dinner to drink more kava, and we sat around exchanging stories and cultural traditions. I showed all of the Fijians what snow looks like back in upstate New York, as they had never seen it before. I also told them about life in New York City and discussed politics and social norms.

The kava bowl.

– James

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