15 Jan 2018 – Village Adventures

Yesterday was different than our other days at Matava. Usually we go on two to three dives a day then come back to the resort and either have class or study for our class. Sometimes we even have a Kava ceremony in which we all gather and drink Kava. Yesterday we went to the Kadavu village. We got there by boat and then walked around. While walking around, the villagers greeted us with smiles and waves. We were shown the systems used to make their Kava as well as got to sit in on a church ceremony. After the church we went to the waterfall located just on the outskirts of the village. I was surprised by how many dogs were there. I somewhat thought that the village would have more up keep so I was surprised to see the houses not in the best shape.

Some houses in a Fijian village and a rooster.

– Leora

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