15 Jan 2018 – Difficulty Diving

When getting your dive certification one thing the instructor will warn you about (or at least mine did) is the importance of equalizing or clearing your ears and other “air pockets”. Over the past few days there have been some of us who have been getting sick or have had difficulty with equalizing; this can cause not only discomfort during your dive but can potentially result in having a ruptured eardrum or other types of injuries caused by the water pressure.

Thankfully everyone who has been having some form of equalization troubles have been able to overcome the oncoming colds and congestion with plenty of sleep or antibiotics; myself and a few others have only had to be out of commission for a days worth of diving at a time, and completing the dives at our own pace. Just a few days remain in Fiji and none of us want to lose out on this experience.

Bubbles released from regulator.

– Tess

1 thought on “15 Jan 2018 – Difficulty Diving

  1. You’re certainly getting lots of practical experience in water that is warmer and more interesting than at home!
    Love, Gma

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