17 Jan 2018 – Last 3 Tank Dive Day

Today was my last day diving. We went to Manta Reef, in hopes of seeing Manta Rays. Although I did not see any, (some students did) it was an amazing experience. Today’s sandy bottom dive was thrilling. Many of us saw a few Pipe fish and many new types of algae. The first dive was relatively deep. At its deepest, it was roughly 70ft. Many students enjoyed diving close to the sand, to look for shells, while being careful not to stir the bottom and ruin photo-ops for other people.

Me, holding my mask so it doesn’t fill with water when I laugh.

It is disappointing that this is my last full day of diving but I am thankful for the opportunity to have gotten to go diving twenty-one times in the last week and a half. On the 45 minute boat ride back from Manta Reef, I thought about all the marine life that I have gotten to see during this trip: sea turtle, Grey Reef shark, blue and black nudibranch (aka Hammy) and many different types of fish, coral and plants.

– Ashley

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