14 Jan 2019 – Day 9 – What Kind of Adventure is This?

The best I could ever ask for, that’s what! This trip has been going along wonderfully. Once I figured out the problem with my mask was simply not enough de-fogger in my mask, I could snorkel and dive much more smoothly. I have greatly enjoyed every excursion we’ve done, from watching our professor impaling invasive Lionfish to going on a very successful scavenger hunt to find as many things as we could to climbing a waterfall to measuring transects in water way too shallow for my liking (during which some of us got “charged” by a Spotted scorpionfish… jeez that was scary!)… Man this trip has been such a blast so far! I cannot wait to share my experience with other people in person, and I am certain this will be a time to remember!

Our professor impaling a Lionfish (they make a great lunch!)

Andrew H.

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