11 Jan – dun dunn dunnnnn…..

I am writing this blog as a survivor of Dunn’s river falls in Ocho Rios (eight rivers for those non-spanish speaking). Our professors planned it out perfect enough for us to get there before the cruise ship did, because the passengers go up the falls literally holding hands which would drive me crazy and make me want to push them off the cliffs if I was behind them trying to get by. Anyways the waterfall has more than one route to go up and the right side was generally more difficult so that’s the way most of us went because we love a good challenge. The first time up was mostly just trying to not stub a toe or shin on rocks that you couldn’t see or slip on a rock covered in algae.

Me ruining every photo I take because I hit my knee on a rock.

The second time a few of us decided to make it a race to the top, but we made a pit stop at the ocean and were enjoying that so much we started doing backflips. Well, I did, Ashley did more of a jump into the air.

Jalepeno and Jambalaya assisting my flips.

Everyone got a turn before we realized we had to start racing back up to the top of the falls to meet back up with the professors, so it began. I’m not sure what the ending time was but we all made it in one piece. Next stop was Ocho Rios main street where a ton of restaurants and gift shops were. It was extremely annoying to have to store tenders follow me around the store and put everything I previously picked up into a basket for me to buy, but they did have a lot of nice stuff. It was a “slow day” so they were willing to bargain on most of the items which was nice.

Dragonfruit daeyla

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