14 Jan – The Falls

So during our time in Jamaica we have done plenty of activities to keep us busy like snorkeling, diving and study marine biology. But one day we needed a break from it so we went to Dunns river falls and Ocho Rios. We started at the bottom of the falls and made our way up all the way to the top. For me this was a new Challenge because I had a fear of heights. But with a little encouragement from the professors and the students helping I manage to climb all the way to the top. Soon after we made our way to Ocho Rios. When we got there I went and attempted to take out money but that was tricky. At first I thought that you put in American amount of money but you had to put the Jamaican dollar amount. We visited a few shops and ate lunch I ended not buying many souvenirs. Overall that day was one of the best days here in Jamaica for me.

Are we there yet?

Ocho Rios here we come.

Natural Oasis.

– Ryan

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