Final Project


This painting is my take on art during quarantine. It is called From Inside, and is meant to represent a few things. First, it is nature themed because during quarantine I have started gardening to pass idle time. All paint besides the background was applied with natural material found outside (flowers, sticks, grasses). Additionally, the childlike execution is indicative of how many kids are turning to small hobbies like arts and crafts to pass time. Lastly, the fact that it is a depiction of the outside was meant to be a symbol of how many people are on lock-down and are unable to partake in outdoor activities, leaving them with memories and media of the outdoors.


This website will be used to log my sketchbook ideas as we progress through quarantine of the spring 2020 semester.


The general theme I have been given is “Wabi Sabi,” the art of imperfection. Where this takes me will be determined as the weeks progress.


Being restricted to the household is bound to influence my work, so watch and see where the trapped days take me!