Notes about Blogging

This blog is a “sample” only in the sense that the teacher shares “how” he blogs (in terms of style, audience, engagement, etc). No John Doe in this case 🙂

Students’ blogs must be written by following the instructions given on Blackboard. In particular, you must write reading responses with general audiences in mind. You must also respond to the texts you read for class by generating ideas that will help to highlight, in the targeted context of your blogfolio, your personality and professional identity, intellectual caliber, academic abilities, and writing skills.

What you see below this sticky post are Shyam Sharma’s blogs written for and in the context of this class. Posts that are relevant for students will be discussed in class or indicated as suggested reading.

Note: This is a “sticky post” (Dashboard>Posts>Quick Edit>Make this post sticky), meaning it will stick at the top while regular posts appear in reverse order.

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