You should start this page by copy-pasting the contents of the “work experiences” section (or whatever you call it) in your resume. I suggest that you only include the word “experience” or “experiences” in the blog tab for design reasons–web design 101.

As in the case of the Education section, add substance, media, and hyperlink to this page. If you find it sufficient to use the “read more” feature, when you are in the edit view of your page, click on the icon with three bars (with the middle one dotted) in order to let the rest of the content of the page (below where you insert the “read more” link) to be opened in a separate page. If you want the expand/collapse function, then we will be exploring this together.

Again, try to add an image if you find one that reflects the message of the page and your overall profile. … Will add more text… as our discussions develop.