It is extremely important that you describe your skill sets in your professional portfolio. Your skills may include technological, professional, linguistic, and/or many more.

When describing technological skills, do not simply list the most mundane (come on, everyone knows how to use Microsoft Word by the end of, what, third grade!) skills. Seriously. But as I have tried to describe my technological skills (though I’m not a tech person) on this page, it is possible and necessary to list the entire range of technological skills, order by what you think are most relevant ones, and highlight what skills are impressive in your presentation.

You can start with a summary of your technological skills, like this one on the page linked above: “Experienced user, quick and comfortable with adopting and adapting new applications in the areas of web design, multimedia production, document design, data organization and analysis, presentation, and professional networking and conversation.” If you have different types of skills, you can categorize them as well. But do NOT forget to go beyond “listing” your skills: describe, reflect, even discuss when/where you learned AND used those skills and if you like, how you envision using them in your future academic/professional endeavors—-or somehow highlight their significance.

If you want to list and describe other skill areas, such as language skills, add new sections (with prominent titles and vertical space), then use the same approach as above. Substance matters; providing a perspective as well as your personal reflection can make a huge difference. Don’t just add bullet points.

Finally, if you include any other areas in this page, such as hobbies or travel experience, you should name the tab/page accordingly and add sections that are visually and rhetorically accessible. If you have too much content or variety, then you should add sub-pages.