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What I am Learning from the Project as a Teacher

In this post, I will be writing my own reflection about working with you, guiding you, and inspiring you (I believe) in this project. I have a lot to say about the idea, but I want to write more toward the end of the semester than early on. For now, let me just say that the blogfolio project draws on my personal interest and professional experiences working in the following areas: lessons, mistakes, and insights from exploring learning management systems and applications within then since I first started using them in mid 2000s; training on digital storytelling, digital media for teaching writing, and personal exploration of web and web 2.0 technologies as they develop; scholarship about multimodal composition in and across contexts; leadership for graduate students across a university for professional development (esp. professional networking) through strategic use of social media for participation (esp. from lurking to leading) in their professional worlds; and participation in and conversations about cross-border higher education and evolving educational technologies.

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