Who we are


Greg Zelinsky, Professor and Lab Director
Ph.D., Brown University, 1994
Professor, Cognitive Science
Associate Professor, Computer Science

My goal is to better understand visual cognition by following two interrelated research paths. First, we monitor and analyze how people move their eyes as they perform various visual search and visual working memory tasks. We do this in order to obtain an on-line and directly observable measure of how a behavior intimately associated with the selection and accumulation of information (i.e., eye movements) changes in space and time during a task. Second, we attempt to describe this oculomotor behavior in the context of image-based neurocomputational models. These models perform the same task and “see” the same stimuli as human observers, and output a sequence of simulated eye movements that can be compared to human behavior. These comparisons are then used to generate new hypotheses to further test the representations and processes underlying task performance.

Current Student


Yupei Chen, Ph.D. Candidate in Cognitive Science

I am currently a graduate student in Cognitive Science at Stony Brook University. I earned my BS degree in the Department of Psychology at East China Normal University and Master’s degree in Psychology at New York University. My research interests include eye movements and visual attention. My research advisor is Dr. Gregory Zelinsky.

Young Ahn, Ph.D. Candidate in Cognitive Science

My research question is mostly about how and why humans differ in their ability to learn complex behavior such as visual and language processing. To study this problem, I use behavioral experiments, computational modeling, and the neuroscience method. I am especially interested in building a computational model of human cognitive process for use in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of cognitive disorders. In my free time, I enjoy dancing ballet!


Souradeep Chakraborty, Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science

I am a PhD student in the Computer Science department, Stony Brook University. My research interest lies in the area of visual attention modeling. My current research focus is on understanding how users allocate their attention while browsing webpages. Also, I am investigating how visual eccentricity impacts object recognition and search ability of humans.


Lab Alumni

    Hossein AdeliPh.D., 2018

   Justin Maxfield, Ph.D., 2017


Chen-Ping Yu, Ph.D., 2016 

  Robert Alexander, Ph.D., 2013                  

   Joseph Schmidt, Ph.D., 2012          

   Hyejin Yang,Ph.D., 2010

   Xin Chen, Ph.D., 2007             


Mark Neider, Ph.D., 2006

   Chris Dickinson,Ph.D., 2004

Research Assistant

Jessica Lau
James May
Alima Hossain
Alex Feldewerth