Holy Cow! Unlimited Storage Coming to Google Drive

Google Drive image


This is some really exciting news and we are hopeful that this will help “drive” adoption of Google Drive, especially among our faculty/staff on campus who have been slower to take to it compared to our students (pun stolen from my dear colleague Mike Basile in Client Support).

Here’s the big news:

Drive for Education will be available to all Google Apps for Education customers at no charge and will include:

  • Unlimited storage: No more worrying about how much space you have left or about which user needs more gigabytes. Drive for Education supports individual files up to 5TB in size and will be available in coming weeks.
  • VaultGoogle Apps Vault, our solution for search and discovery for compliance needs, will be coming free to all Apps for Education users by the end of the year.
  • Enhanced Auditing: Reporting and auditing tools and an Audit API easily let you see the activity of a file, are also on the way.

Imagine a lighter-weight storage eco-system at Stony Brook where we ditch MySBfiles and department shared folders and move everything into Google Drive!  All your files accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, from any device :)

So smart of Google to market it as the 21st Century Backpack for Students.

Tell us what you think, IT Partners!  Will this help solve some problems for you and your users???  Will our researchers LOVE this?

Joseph Provides IT Update to Residence Hall Association

Henry Joseph of Information Systems Addresses RHA Senate on Sept. 30, 2014

Henry Joseph of Information Systems addressed the RHA Senate on Sept. 29, 2014.

DoIT’s Information Systems Assistant Director for Campus Residences Henry Joseph presented at the weekly meeting of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Senate on Monday, Sept. 29, 2014. The RHA is a student-run advocacy group that serves as a resource on campus to enrich residential life.

Joseph provided the group with updates on HBO GO, the latest wireless upgrades, the SBU 311 app, and some other topics before engaging in a Q&A session with members of the senate. Collecting student feedback and acting on it is a top priority for Joseph and his colleagues. Recently, he received the following comments from students living in the residence halls about their improved Wi-Fi experience:

“The Wi-Fi speeds have considerably increased and the connection is solid when I walk around in the building. The change is most welcome.”
Regards, Sushal Penugonda

“I bought a smart TV last semester. The TV allows me to use Wi-Fi to fund the apps, but I found that I needed to plug my TV into the ethernet port or I would end up getting a weak signal and couldn’t use the apps very well. This year, my TV is even farther away from the wireless router and I have found no need to use the ethernet port. The new wireless router makes the TV function so much better when I’m using Wi-Fi.”
Jose Rivera, Residence Hall Director
Stimson College

MATLAB and Simulink Training Being Offered Oct. 8 at Wang Center

Please join us for complimentary MATLAB and Simulink seminars open to all faculty, staff, researchers and students on Wednesday, Oct. 8, in the Wang Center. In the morning’s first session, learn how to use MATLAB and Simulink to develop algorithms, visualize and analyze data, and perform numeric computation. The afternoon session will revolve around simple ways to improve and optimize MATLAB code that can boost execution speed by orders of magnitude. For more information and to register, visit http://go.stonybrook.edu/matlabtraining

Spots Still Open for Fall Sessions of Coffee with Cole

Image of staffers meeting with Stony Brook Vice President for Information Technology and CIO Cole CampleseStony Brook University Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Cole Camplese invites members of his DoIT staff, the IT Partners community, and anyone else who may be interested to meet him for coffee or tea in the library of the Hilton Garden Inn every month for conversation, face time, and a chance to share ideas and ask questions. These meetings are limited to five attendees at a time in order to facilitate meaningful conversations.

Slots are currently open for Oct. 15 and Nov. 12. Sign up today!

Administration Building to Get its Own Network Sept. 30

Stony Brook University's Administration Building

In order to improve network connectivity in the Administration Building, the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) will be creating a separate, isolated network exclusively for Internet traffic for the Admin Building, which will mitigate outages and service disruptions caused by problems in other buildings connected to the main campus network. It will also provide an extra layer of security and protection. The cutover will happen on Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014, at 4 a.m.  There should be no service disruption and no other buildings should be affected by the cutover.

Client Support staff members will be on site in the Administration Building the morning of Sept. 30 to monitor the situation. If you notice an inability for certain devices (computers, cameras, printers) to access the new network, or if you have trouble accessing certain applications in the days, weeks, or months following the cutover, please call 2-9800 to report issues. Thank you.

University Purchases Three-Year Site License for MATLAB Software

Mathworks LogoStony Brook University purchased a three-year site license for MATLAB softwareSimulink, and companion toolboxes from Mathworks. The new license agreement began Aug. 1, and covers installation of the software on University-owned computers (including classrooms and labs), as well as home use (one installation on a personal computer per person) for all instructors, students, staff, and researchers.

Please visit the MATLAB software page for instructions on how to obtain the software. Users must create a Mathworks account and activate the software before downloading and installing it on their computers.

Stony Brook University’s campus license includes the following standard MATLAB toolboxes:

  • Bioinformatics Toolbox

  • Control System Toolbox

  • Curve Fitting Toolbox

  • Data Acquisition Toolbox

  • DSP System Toolbox

  • Image Processing Toolbox

  • Instrument Control Toolbox


  • Optimization Toolbox

  • Parallel Computing Toolbox

  • Signal Processing Toolbox

  • SimMechanics

  • SimScape

  • Simulink

  • Simulink Control Design

  • Stateflow

  • Statistics Toolbox

  • Symbolic Math Toolbox

Additional toolboxes may be purchased as child licenses of the MATLAB TAH license by contacting Debbi Cohen at Mathworks.

As a service to the Stony Brook community, a MATLAB listserv has been established as a way for users of this software to ask each other questions, develop solutions, and share information. The list is open to all subscribers with @stonybrook.edu and @stonybrookmedicine.edu email addresses.

To subscribe to the list, send an email to listserv@lists.sunysb.edu with the following information in the body:

  • SUBSCRIBE matlab-l FirstName LastName (replace FirstName and LastName with your own full name)

Once you are subscribed to the list, you can post questions to the community by emailing matlab@lists.sunysb.edu

MATLAB will be visiting Stony Brook University in early October to give some presentations on its products and to answer questions from the community. A separate event invitation will be distributed once a date has been scheduled.

For questions about the license agreement and what it entitles you to, please contact DoIT’s Research Technologies team at researchtech@stonybrook.edu. The Client Support Help Desk can assist with technical questions related to downloading, installing, and configuring the software. Client Support can be reached at (631) 632-9800 or by emailing supportteam@stonybrook.edu.

Internet Connectivity Restored

Update:  Aug. 13, 12:32 p.m. – WolfieNet-Guest Wi-Fi Access Restored

WolfieNet-Guest is now operational after one of Stony Brook’s internet service providers was brought back online.


Update:  Aug. 13, 11:30 a.m. – All Services Restored Except for WolfieNet-Guest

Stony Brook guests are currently unable to connect to the WolfieNet-Guest Wi-Fi network as part of a lingering effect of yesterday’s wide-spread Internet connectivity issues. DoIT’s Data Network Services team is actively working to bring this service back up.

Yesterday, Stony Brook University users may have noticed inconsistencies while browsing certain websites as well as six 2-3 minute outages while DoIT’s networking team worked with SB’s internet service providers (IPS’s) to restore services by switching over to SB’s secondary and tertiary network providers.

The initial problem was caused when a flood of new routes were advertised on the Internet. These new routes brought the number of total routes over 512k which is the routing table limit for many Internet routers, creating problems for most of the major ISP’s in North America. Once Stony Brook realized there were problems with its primary ISP, it switched over to its secondary ISP and when that did not remediate the problem, it then had to turn to its tertiary ISP. Switching to its tertiary ISP resolved most of the problems that end users were experiencing.

The remaining browsing problems people were still experiencing were triggered by the initial routing advertisement which cascaded down to the campus border router bringing its table beyond capacity and causing it to act erratically in routing traffic to the Internet. Once Stony Brook rebooted its hardware at 8:15 p.m. all traffic then began routing as expected.

Here is a further description of the root cause of yesterday’s issues and its impact across the Internet: http://www.zdnet.com/internet-hiccups-today-youre-not-alone-heres-why-7000032566/


Update:  Aug. 12, 8:40 p.m. – All Services Restored

A flood of new networking routes overwhelmed internet service provider (ISP) routers, which caused multiple service disruptions throughout the day on Aug. 12. Stony Brook’s Data Network Services team, working with SB’s internet service providers, have since resolved all issues. All systems (DoIT websites, including the IT System Status page, SOLAR, Blackboard, as well as other Stony Brook sites) should now be fully accessible from both on and off campus.


Update: Aug. 12, 8:12 p.m. – Network Outage beginning 8:15 p.m. 

Due to severe internet traffic issues today that are beyond our control, we are forced to take down our primary router for a period of 10-15 minutes starting at 8:15pm. This means people outside of the Stony Brook campus network will not be able to reach our websites. It also means people inside the Stony Brook network will not be able to access websites off campus. Users on campus should be able to reach most Stony Brook websites.


Stony Brook University is currently experiencing network-based Internet access issues for both on and off campus users. Users have reported they have inconsistent access to DoIT web sites (including IT System Status), SOLAR, Blackboard, as well as other Stony Brook sites.

We are working closely with our internet service providers to resolve the problem. Status updates will be provided on the IT Status site for those who can access it (http://it.stonybrook.edu/status) and at the SBUDoIT Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/sbudoit).

Cole W. Camplese
Vice President, Information Technology & CIO
Stony Brook University

Power Issues in the ECC May Affect Network Connectivity

As a result of the power outage that occurred on campus on May 29, the ECC Building was adversely affected and continues to experience electrical power issues. Last night, building generators failed and as a result, network connectivity was lost from 7 p.m. until approximately 8:27 p.m.

DoIT continues to work with Campus Operations and Maintenance to investigate and solve these problems, but in the meantime, please be advised that network connectivity may continue to be affected periodically.

We will provide an update when there is more information to share. Thank you for your patience.

Image of power generators running outside the ECC Building

Generators running outside the ECC Building since May 29.

Two Additions to the SUNY Spring Education Enterprise Purchase (EEP) Offering

Two different Dell network switches were added to the SUNY Spring Education Enterprise Purchase (EEP) offering and will run through July 31, 2014. The Dell pricing is available at discounts better than New York State and higher education pricing. The products listed on this promotion may be purchased direct through Dell or via a reseller (on the OGS contract).

Dell Networking Switch Model S4810

List Price $26,533.44 … SUNY Special $9,545.18

Image of a Dell Network Switch 4810

48 port 10G SFP+ PORTS W/4 QSFP 40GPORTS,1 AC PS,2 FAN SUBSYS W/AIRFLOW Front to back.

Reference Config ID 1250818/Quote #679060808

Offer Expires: July 31, 2014….

**Extended warranties, enhanced features & connectors available on this promo, please call the contact number below or your Dell partner for a custom quote.

Key applications

  • Ultra-low-latency 10 GbE switching in HPCC, high-speed trading, or other business-sensitive deployments that require the highest bandwidth and lowest latency
  • High-density 10 GbE ToR server aggregation in high-performance data center environments
  • Design with the E-Series or Z-Series core switch/router to create a flat, two-tier, non-blocking 1/10/40 GbE data center network design
  • Design a distributed core Clos fabric with S4810 switch in leaf and spine with the S-Series 1/10GbE ToR switches for cost-effective aggregation of 10 GbE uplinks
  • Regular iSCSI Storage deployment
  • Enterprise iSCSI (iSCSI over DCB)
  • FIP Snooping Bridge as part of storage solution

Key features

  • 1RU high-density 10/40 GbE ToR switch with 48 dual-speed 1/10 GbE (SFP+) ports and four 40 GbE (QSFP+) uplinks (totaling 64 10 GbE ports with breakout cables)
  • 1.28 Tbps (full-duplex) non-blocking, cut-through switching fabric delivers line-rate performance under full load with 800ns latency
  • Scalable L2 and L3 Ethernet switching with QoS and a full complement of standards-based IPv4 and IPv6 features
  • IO panel to PSU airflow or PSU to IO panel airflow
  • Open Automation Framework adds VM-awareness as well as automated configuration and provisioning capabilities to simplify the management of virtual network environments
  • Modular Dell Force10 Operating System (FTOS) software delivers inherent stability as well as advanced monitoring and serviceability functions
  • Supports jumbo frames for high-end server connectivity
  • 128 link aggregation groups with up to 8 members per group, using advanced hashing
  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans
  • Hardware support for DCB
  • Low power consumption
  • VLT and eVLT:mulit-chassis link to enable up to 576 10GE (3:1 over subscription)
  • User Port stacking support for up to 6 units
  • Support IPv6 Layer 2 and FIPS certification


Dell Networking Switch Model N2048P

List Price $4,290.83 … Education Special $2,312.66

Image of a Dell Network Switch 2048

Dell  N2048P L2 48-Port POE+ switch with three-year ProSupport and NBD on-site services

Offer Expires: July 31, 2014….

**Extended warranties, enhanced features & connectors available on this promo, please call the contact number below or your Dell partner for a custom quote.

Dell Networking N2000 Series

  • Up to 220 Gbps switch fabric capacity.
  • Supports up to 48 line-rate 1GbE ports per
    switch and up to 600 1GbE ports in a twelve-unit stack
  • Standard N-Series stacking cables and built-in ports for cost-effective high-performance stacking at up to 84 Gbps
  • Up to 48 ports of PoE+
  • Up to 4,094 VLANs supported
  • Advanced Layer 2+ functionality with up to 256 static routes and Routing Information Protocol (RIP) included supporting up to 256 interfaces
  • Advanced network security including highly configurable ACLs
  • USB Rapid deployment expedites switch configuration
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) and lower power PHYs reduce
    power to inactive ports and idle links
  • Fresh Air® compliant for high operating temperature

A powerful and economical 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet switching solution for efficient Layer 2+ access for end user devices, entry-level servers, and network devices. Up to twelve switches can be stacked and managed with a single IP address to deliver reliable network performance.

Leverage familiar tools and practices

  • One common CLI and GUI using a well-known command language gets skilled network administrators productive quickly.
  • Maintain consistent configurations by running one OS release across all products in the series.
  • Rapidly deploy mirrored configurations to numerous devices by simply inserting in a USB key

Modernize campus network architectures

  • Supports loop-free redundancy without spanning tree using MLAG to create high availability and full bandwidth utilization.
  • Interfaces seamlessly with Cisco proprietary protocols like RPVST+ and devices running CDP for greater interoperability and integration.
  • Unite various networking products with the latest open standard protocols for more network choice.

Key features and innovations

  • Multi-chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG) creates active/active loop-free redundancy without implementing expensive spanning tree protocols.
  • Interface seamlessly with Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree (RPVST+) for greater flexibility and interoperability with Cisco networks. (Available with OS 6.1 release)
  • Authentication Tiering allows admins to tier port authentication methods, such as 802.1x, MAC Authentication Bypass, and Captive Portal in priority order so that a single port can provide flexible access and security.
  • Policy Based Routing (PBR) allows you to forward packets based on assigned criteria beyond destination address. Policy Based Forwarding (PBF) is available
    on Layer 2 devices.
  • Remote Switch Port Analyzer (RSPAN) allows you to monitor ports across a Layer 2 domain without purchasing costly dedicated network taps.
  • DHCP Snooping ensures IP integrity on a Layer 2 switched domain to harden the security of the LAN.
  • OpenFlow 1.0 provides first-look SDN capabilities in environments outside the data center. Beta release
  • And hundreds more including the latest open-standard protocols.

***Please note there are L3 versions of this switch and 10gbe versions. Please call for details.

To order or discuss options, please call:
Matt Sperling
Regional Sales/Dell Networking
Phone (518) 810-4345


Student Printing Services Will be Unavailable on June 3

Stand alone printer in Frey Ha


Student printing services will be unavailable all day on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, in order to perform server-side enhancements and help Stony Brook work towards enabling mobile printing, which is a top request by students. Once this upgrade is complete, the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) can begin testing out mobile printing solutions.

Affected Services:

  • Student printing on campus
  • Print From Anywhere

Affected Locations:

  • Campus Residences
  • HSC
  • SINC Sites
  • South Campus
  • Southampton
  • Stand alone printers – Biomedical Engineering

If you need to print on June 3, you may do so at one of the UPS Store locations on West Campus *  using Wolfie Wallet, credit card, or cash:

  • Melville Library, Lower Level, Room 0320 (down the hall from the Bookstore)
  • Student Union Lobby

UPS charges for printing are as follows:

  •  B & W 8 1/2 x 11:  4 cents a page / 8 cents double sided
  •  Color: 8 1/2 x 11: 39 cents a page / 78 cents double sided

For More Information Contact

Instructional Technology Support
(631) 632-2777