The Smoking Robot


Robots are known as intelligently enhanced machines. The history of robots shows that they are interesting evolving. The idea of creating an artificial being like humans traces back to ancient times. The first form of robots was made from bronze by Greeks. In 1921, the term ‘robot’ was first used in “R.U.R” by writer Karel Capek where man creates a robot to replace him. Years later, Westinghouse created robot name ELEKTRO which had human-like traits such as walking, and talking. The ELEKTRO robot is also known as the smoking robot due his ability to smoke. This robot became widely popular after the 1939 New York World’s fair.


To use graphics, video, and animation to illustrate the past introduction of a human-like robot. A 3D model of the robot in stages of being revealed to world in a fair in NY. Narration and background music will be used.


It’s anticipated that the audience for this piece would be anyone interested in robotics, history, and/or Elecktro.



“Electro the Smoking Robot at the 1939 New York World’s Fair”


“Once-famous robot lives quietly away from limelight”