Project Description


“The International Space Station”

The International Space Station is a low earth orbit space station that allows for scientific experiments from multiple space agencies to be carried out in 0 gravity environments. The station is used by NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ESA and CSA.

Construction began in 1998 and finished with the last module being installed in 2016, it is expected to operate until 2030. The ISS is considered to be a marvel of engineering and is the only habitable station in space, allowing for experiments that could not be done on Earth. Solar arrays provide the station with power, relying on 8 to 9 supply flights each year with necessities.

To use graphics, video and available information to demonstrate all modules of the ISS as well as their purpose. On screen text will display information regarding the module as the camera moves to different parts of the station. A rough 3D model of the ISS will be built, with each of the individual modules.

The audience for this piece would be engineering students, astronomy students as well as those interested in physics or laboratory science.


ISS Reference Guide

NASA 3D Models

ISS Assembly

ISS Components

ISS Modules