Project Description

Title: “Korean Traditional clothes and a way to say hello”

Synopsis: My initial idea for animation was to create a flipbook animation that consisting of Korean clothes. Each page, there would be a description and the image of the Korean clothes and on the last page, a 3D doll wearing Korean traditional clothes would teach how to say hello in a traditional way. //My animation is 3D-based.

Objective: Give an information about Korean Traditional clothes. The plenty of information would be explained by the images and short text. A 3d model of the doll will be built. Background music would be the Korean traditional song which is linked below.

Audience: Target Audience of my work will be students who interested in Korean culture and history.


Korean Traditional Music

About Me

This image reflects my cultural background. I used an oriental style image at the background and i stared at it. (It means a connection between the two)  I tried out many features of photoshop. Through this assignment, I was able to use various photoshop techniques like retouching (texture, color, shadow), brush, text, clipping mask and combining images into one image.