334 Term Project Proposal

Title : The Tin Man


there are a lot of different kinds of fairytale nowadays. However, in this project, I like to focus on “The Tin Man” in “Wizard of Oz”. It seems hard to design into 3D modeling but I like to try. Although it is human being, it seems robot, and there are a lot of line, angles, and space instead of curve.


Video or animation will be produced to show each step of the project. This model would help children’s enthusiasm in 3D modeling. Usually Children can see this kinds of character in TV or musical show, However, once this model is produced, then they can have hope to make their own character which improve animation market in the future. In addition, sound track of “Wizard of Oz” will be played as background music.


Children who watches “Wizard of Oz” are main audience of this project. Moreover, any other children or people who wants to be in this market would be helpful as well.




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