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334 Term Proposal

Zheng Weng

Title : “In a Loop with the Hyperloop”

Synopsis: Millions of people around the world commute every single day. Mass transportation has been around big cities for decades. Sometimes, it’s reliable, but most of the time, it’s slow and crowded.

Tesla and SpaceX proposed a new form of transportation called the Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is essentially a super fast train traveling in underground tunnels. The trains are accelerated by electric propulsion in a low-pressure area. The Hyperloop can travel up to speeds of 760 mph and can bring passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in as quick as 30 minutes.

Objective: The objective of this animation is to show how the Hyperloop works. It will show the inside of the tunnel and train and explain how the train will run.

Audience: The main audience of this animation will be anyone that is interested in Tesla or SpaceX’s work. It will also appeal to anyone that wants to research into a future mode of mass transportation.