Welcome to CLICK! My name is Antonia Brogna and I am a sophomore at Stony Brook University. I am a journalism major with a business management minor, and am a member of the Stony Brook University Honors College.

My love for art began when I was young. I was always walking around with a camera or pad and paper, but that didn’t mean my art was good. In high school, my drawing and painting skills suddenly and unexpectedly developed, leading me to take AP Drawing and Painting. I also learned the very basics of photography as the Editor-in-Chief of the senior yearbook. Aside from the yearbook, I was also on the board of the school’s arts and literary magazine, Images.

Since coming to college, I have found a love not only for the aesthetics of photography, but also the medium’s ability to tell a story. In the future, I would like to experiment with photojournalism, and combine my love for photography with my passion for storytelling.

In my free time, I write for the campus newspaper, The Statesman, serve on the School of Journalism Advisory Board, and act as treasurer for the Greek and Cypriot Student Association. Over the summer, I am a camp counselor at Camp St. Paul, a Greek Orthodox sleep-away camp in Connecticut. I also keep a blog called Tantalizingly Tasteful, which features my writings and thoughts about life alongside some photographs.