As part of The Georgica Pond Project, the Gobler laboratory has installed a water quality monitoring buoy in Georgica Pond. This device is making continuous, real-time measurements of key water quality indicators that are instantly telemetered to this web site. By clicking on the words, Georgica Pond, or the water droplet below you can inspect the minute-by-minute levels of temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, chlorophyll, and blue-green algae in the southern extent of Georgica Pond. The dates may be changed to observe more data. The buoy began logging data on May 28th.

One thought on “Real-time Water Quality Data

  1. Karin: In small regions such as Coves, it is possible bubblers could help with oxygen and possibly decomposition but they would be less likely to help for the entire Pond unless they were very large and numerous.

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