My topic is about a project technology in the future. This technology not only can project 3d image of the 2d image in your electronic equipment’s screen, but also can continuously use touch screen technology on the 3d image. The first image is project technology applying in communication app. This make image more vivid, also, the traditional function of communication app will be continuously save.
This technology also applies in other platform. Like the second picture presents. We can Fruit Ninja trough touching the projecting image. Moreover, we even can play other interesting games by our finger instead of mouse, joystick. This make us do exercise while we are playing.
The third one presents the technology application in internet shopping. Seller scan the items and upload on the internet. And customer can see 3d image of the items. As a conclusion, the main function of this technology is to present a more vivid 3d image but not 2d.


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