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Modular and Student-Centered Learning of Writing (MASLOW) is an online writing support platform where graduate students can complete the learning modules of their choice and at their own pace. Originally designed with the needs of international graduate students in mind, now serving all students, MASLOW was created with the support of an Innovative Instruction Technology Grant from the State University of New York (SUNY).

To take the modularized graduate writing course for credit (1, 2, or 3), SBU graduate students can register for WRT 621 via SOLAR and complete the modules of their choice on Blackboard. For informal learning, please continue…

MODULE 1 (open source)Understanding Grad-Level Writing 

Step 1: Let us welcome you to Stony Brook University! (older video, makes the point!)

then watch the video below about some Basics of US higher education. 

The platform and modules (beyond the first one here) are now designed for all graduate students, with plenty of choice for both both domestic and international students at all levels and stages of their graduate degrees. In fact, domestic students may find even this module useful, as their needs overlap with those of their international counterparts. International students, including prospective students, should benefit from some of the additional resources for them.

Step 2: Introduce yourself         


Write a 100-300 word introduction of yourself, your research interest/ agenda, etc., and post it in this forum. Don’t worry about the quality of your writing; focus on what you want to say and try to make your thought as clear as you can. If you find it useful or think it will help another student, respond to their introduction by writing about what you found interesting, sharing your own experience, etc. 

Step 3: (If you are on your university campus) Explore the university  

Stony Brook, NY; Stony Brook University: New Student Move-in Day on campus. https://flic.kr/p/2axd98D

Visit and talk to someone at 2 or 3 places among the following: a library, writing center, career center, international student center, graduate student organization . . . Or attend any educationally relevant event from which you can learn about your campus and its services. If you are really inspired, you could also visit one of your professors during his/her office hours, or interview a more experienced student, or read one book/chapter/article about US higher education system. Then write a 200-300 word essay and post it in this forum  describing what you learned about the services in those places, how you could benefit from using the support, and what you learned there about US higher education in general. The only requirement here is a few thoughtful paragraphs. Note that the videos above provide a background to this task. Once again, consider responding to other students’ posts.

MODULE 8 (open source): Reflecting on your learning 

Step 1: Consider sharing some feedback about this site 

If you are an international student, this site offers you a set of resources that you may have found quite useful. If you haven’t browsed through the other areas of this site, now is the time to do so. Feel free to save a copy of what you like and share with anyone. As you read the materials, either write a comment under them or use this contact form to let us know: what you liked and why, what you think could be made better for you and for other students.

Domestic (U.S. residents) are most welcome to comment about materials of shared interest, especially as to materials that you found useful in improving your writing or understanding of graduate school, as well as any thoughts about supporting your transnational colleagues, and any comments about the design and navigation of the site.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Step 2: Complete a survey and get a certificate! 

Non-credit participants: Take the following exit survey [link to be added soon]. Completing this survey will take you to a page where you can print a certificate of completion.

For-credit participants: Complete the survey linked at the end of the schedule from Blackboard. We will provide a certificate of special merit to students who maintain a high score in the course gradebook on Blackboard.

Thank you for visiting the MASLOW website!

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