Niseem Magdy Abdelrahman

Graduate student at Stony Brook University

Research interest

I’m interested in studying the strongly interacting medium (Quark Gluon Plasma) properties. Studying the strongly interacting medium properties is one of the major points for the current heavy ion research. Many experimental programs have been designed to investigate the strongly interacting matter such as RHIC program at BNL, and the LHC at CERN. These programs are at the forefront of experimental efforts designed to map the thermodynamic and transport properties of this strongly interacting QCD matter.


Stony Brook University,
Stony Brook, New York 11794
Graduate school                                                                                Aug 2015

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)
Upton, New York, 11973, USA.
Visiting researcher with STAR collaboration                    Feb 2014-15

Cairo University, Egypt
Masters courses                                                                               June 2012-13

Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)                                                           May 2006-10


Conferences & schools

Opportunities for Exploring LongitudinalDynamics in Heavy Ion Collisions at RHIC 2016
Talk title: Beam Energy Dependence of vn at mid and forward rapidity.

The 3rd International Conference on the Initial Stages in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions 2016 (Portugal)
Talk title: Beam Energy Dependence of Azimuthal Correlations in Au+Au Collisions at mid and forward rapidity

Strangeness in Quark Matter Conference 2016 (UCLA)
Talk title: Viscous Damping of Anisotropic Flow in 7.7–200 GeV Au+Au Collisions

The 33rd Winter Workshop on nuclear dynamics 2017 (Utah)
Talk title: System Size and Shape Dependence of Anisotropic Flow

Quark Matter 2017 XXVI international conference (Chicago)
Poster title: System Size and Shape Dependence of Anisotropic Flow

Strangeness in Quark Matter (SQM 2017)(Utrecht University)
Talk title: Beam energy/system dependence of rapidity-even dipolar flow

RHIC/AGS Annual UsersMeeting 2017 (BNL-USA)
Talk title: Collectivity in large and small systems

Critical Point and Onset of Deconfinement (Stony Brook University)
Talk title: Beam energy dependence of the viscous damping of anisotropic flow

 International Conference on the Initial Stages 2017 (Kraków, Poland)
Talk title: Recent results of the azimuthal anisotropic flow measurements from STAR experiment




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