Dynamic Structures Lab

Welcome to  the website of the Dynamic Structures Lab. Our home is the Department of Civil Engineering at Stony Brook University. Our expertise is in experimental and computational aspects of solid and structural mechanics. The group’s name reflects: (1) our interest in structures that are designed to be “dynamic” and are capable of morphing shape, re-configuring their properties or adapting to the environment; and (2) our dedication to truly-dynamic phenomena such as vibrations and mechanical waves.

Our goal is to design unconventional structures, understand their mechanics and unveil complex physical phenomena. Our approach is holistic and encompasses idea generation, fabrication, analysis and testing of proof-of-concept models, and (when possible) actual-scale realization. What applications are we targeting? We strongly believe that the principles of mechanics can be applied to all sorts of structures and mechanical systems, from large-scale civil infrastructure to MEMS and medical devices. Currently, our research ideas have potential applications as deployable space structures, pop-up shelters and seismic wave filters. Some of our research is curiosity-driven; when this is the case, we still strive to explore potential applications of our ideas.

Check out the Research tab or Paolo’s Google Scholar page for more information on our work, and don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information or if you are interested in what we do.



We are actively looking for PhD students to join our group in Spring/Fall 2021 (Link to flyer).

We are always looking for motivated and creative individuals to join our team as Visiting scholars, Master’s thesis/project students, Undergraduate researchers, and even Summer High School interns. Please email Paolo for additional information.