Project 5: Portraiture of a Family Album

Reflection: For this project, I wanted to create a series based upon time-evolving portraits. The first two images of the series are of my paternal grandfather and my maternal great uncle. Both passed away before I was born and they were two people I would have desperately wanted to meet. My paternal grandfather was a WWII U.S. Marine and my maternal great uncle was a violin prodigy (he died at age 12.) The other photo-portraits are of my beautiful mother when she was a child-present, as well as myself. I think this portrait assignment has really heightened my awareness of life transitions–how quickly one transitions from childhood to adulthood. It really speaks about the fragility of time and how familial ties can be very strong and bond us to those we have not met in present life. 

The Marine. ISO 800. f/4.5. 1/5s. 18-55@18mm.

The Violinist. ISO 800. f/4.5. 1/20s. 18-55@18mm

90’s Child. ISO 800. f/4.5. 1/6s. 18-55@18mm.

Coca-Cola I. ISO 800. f/5. 1/4s. 18-55@39mm.

90’s Child Grown. ISO 800. f/4.5. 1/15s. 18-55@18mm.

Coca-Cola II. ISO 800. f/4.5. 1/15s. 18-55@18mm.

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