How to get started

Before using the SCAN Center your study must be approved by Stony Brook’s IRB. To view information on the IRB click here.

Once approved, the SCAN center offers up 10 free pilot scans to get your study up and running. Please contact the director of the center, Dr. Turhan Canli for more information about piloting at the center.

Our physicist, Dr. Xiang He, can assist you in optimizing your parameters in order to receive the best results.

If you would like to schedule an orientation/tour of the center please contact Kim at

How to schedule an appointment:

Before you schedule an appointment be sure to review the SCAN Center User Policy.

Once you know when you would like to schedule your study please send an email to Kim at with the time and date you require.

Please remember your appointment is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email back.

The SCAN center also has a small interview room that can be used for interviewing or behavioral studies. This room must be booked ahead of time using the same method as above.

To view the SCAN’s centers availability please click here:

SCAN Center’s Calendar

Purple Blocks are studies for the Scanner and cannot be doubled booked. Please refer to the SCAN Center Policies regarding scheduling privileges.

Green Blocks are studies for the Interview Room, you can still book the scanner during these times.


The price per scanning hour is $625.00 for Stony Brook University/Stony Brook Medical investigators and $735.00 for outside investigators.

A typical scanning session lasts from 1-2 hours.

The scanning session includes:
• Setting up of all equipment
• Clearing, orienting and putting the subject in the scanner
• Actual scanning of the exam
• Breakdown of equipment and cleanup

We are open from on Monday and Wednesday 10-8 and on Tuesday from 7-5.  Scanning is available on  Thursday and Friday evenings by appointment only.  We do offer weekend scanning for more information on those hours please contact the center.