About Me

20161008_133810-2Hi, my name is Sean Friele, and I am a Biomedical BE/MS student at Stony Brook University. I will be beginning my masters work as of Spring 2017. Though I am studying in New York currently, I actually originate from Washington State. I’ve lived in the Northwest all my life and my path toward a STEM field was all but predetermined with a mother who was an OBGYN and a father who was a computer specialist, along with a physicist grandfather. My path toward biomedical engineering was long, one that was originally directed toward mechanical engineering and cars, and began when I was around six years old when I first wanted to become an engineer. I was always good with my hands and tinkering, which overtime developed into mechanic work where I spend a lot of time fixing things, ranging from cars and bikes to computers and robots. My decision to go into biomedical engineering as opposed to mechanical engineering occurred when I was in high school and I saw my grandmother suffering from conditions that could not be cured by current medical techniques, and I knew that my talents could be put to better use by trying to solve those problems as a biomedical engineer than they would be as a mechanical engineer designing cars. I have found that my technical knowledge from my time as a mechanic and tinkerer along with my understanding of mechanical engineering has made me unusual and valuable as a biomedical engineer. In many ways I am a mechanical engineer trained in the biomedical field, which gives me a unique perspective on how to solve problems by taking the best approach of both fields. My main focus in BME is to solve biological and medical problems by applying mechanical engineering principles in combination with my biomedical training.