About Me

img_2578Welcome to my page! My name is Sehar Laljee and I am a first year graduate student at Stony Brook University enrolled in the accelerated five-year Master’s program for the department of biomedical engineering. I am currently specializing in molecular and cellular biomedical engineering and hope to one day earn my MD. While at Stony Brook University¬†my involvement on campus has included working in a research lab, being a teaching assistant, and member in the biomedical engineering honor society. During my sophomore year as an undergraduate I joined a cardiovascular research laboratory in the biomedical engineering department. The lab overall focuses on factors that lead to the development of cardiovascular disorders such as coronary artery disease.¬†I hope to continue on the focus of advancing our current knowledge on the formation of undesired blood clots. My goal is to one day use this acquired knowledge to develop an alternative to lifelong anticoagulation drug therapy which pose a multitude of adverse side effects for patients at risk of pulmonary embolism due to DVT. Lastly, I hope to use all my skills acquired from my undergraduate years at Stony Brook to not only advance cardiovascular research but to also inspire future generations to take more of an interest in biomedical engineering.