Lone Survivor

” Lone Survivor ” was adapted in accord of Marcus Luttrell’s real experience. In 2005 , he and his teammates were ordered to perform secret tasks , that is to to track down and kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. However, they were circumvented in Afghan Hindu Kush mountain and they have to fight for their own survivor. Marcus ultimately became the only one survived  which is indicated explicitly  by the title of the film.

There are some similarities between this film and “Saving Private Ryan”. In both films, a small number of people form a team to strive for a shared goal in the military setting. However, there are significant differences in terms of emotions and relationship between  the team members.  In this films, the team members are more in a consent of their purpose and are more united for the task, while in saving private Ryan, they were questioning and have different opinions about the significance of their tasks along the way. The leader of the team with the mission to find Ryan serves more important role of unify them and give them some guide emotionally. In the film of lone survivor, they are fight against a common enemy that threaten their survivor. In essence, both movie share the important theme – ” no one left behind”.


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