Humanities Institute at Stony Brook, Room 1008

9:00–10:00 Registration  (Tea, Coffee, and Snacks provided)
Panel 1: Voice


Chair: Katherine Kaiser

Braxton D. Shelley (Harvard University), “Prophetic Possibility and Unlikely Collectives”

Andrew Mall (Northeastern University), “‘Beer and Hymns’ and Redemption: Reimagining and Reclaiming  Religious Identity through Participatory Sing-Alongs”

Jeffers Engelhardt (Amherst College), “Differences at the Intersections of Secularity and Chorality”

11:20-11:30 Coffee Break
Panel 2: Media


Chair: Benjamin Tausig

Lauren Osborne (Whitman College), “Sound at a Distance: Qur’an Recitation in Online Distance Learning in Oman”

Seth Brodsky (University of Chicago), “After Apeshit/After Analysis”

12:30–1:15 Lunch (available for $10 for advanced registrants)
1:15–1:30 Official Symposium Welcome
Panel 3: Government


Chair: Erika Honisch

Abigail Fine (University of Hawai’i), “Dangerous Materiality: Art-Religion, Jewish Assimilation, and Edgar Zilsel’s Geniereligion”

Janaki Bakhle (University of California–Berkeley), “V. D. Savarkar and the Anthem of Nationalism: Music, Poetry, and Rightwing Politics in India”

2:30-2:40 Coffee Break
Panel 4: History


Chair: Gary Marker

Shobana Shankar (Stony Brook University), “Mantras and the Making of a Female Hindu Swami in Ghana”

Oksana Nesterenko (Stony Brook University), “A Requiem for the USSR: State Atheism and Secular Enchantment”

Charles Hirschkind (University of California–Berkeley), “Flamenco and the Rediscovery of Islamic Spain”

4:00-4:30 Break
Round-table Discussion


Discussants: Christine Dang (New York University), Jim Sykes (University of Pennsylvania), Margarethe Adams (Stony Brook University), Lisa Diedrich (Stony Brook University), Judy Lochhead (Stony Brook University), August Sheehy (Stony Brook University)