Spring 2016 Update

It’s that time of year! The Peterson Lab (Brad, four current graduate students, three lab alumni, and three current or former undergraduates) recently attended the 2016 Benthic Ecology Meeting in Portland, ME. As always, there was much science, dancing, and general merriment as we reconnected with old friends and dove into the latest news from our colleagues in all areas of benthic marine ecology.

The Peterson Lab at Benthics 2016 + our newest lab member, Rosie Furman!

The Peterson Lab at Benthics 2016 + our newest lab member, Rosie Furman!

A special feature this year was a session of talks organized by Brad and given by scientists who have all been mentored as interns, master’s students, PhD students, or postdocs by Dr. Ken Heck of Dauphin Island Sea Lab, who was Brad’s PhD advisor.

Here’s a list of our posters and presentations from this year’s Benthics:

Cashin M.J.; Kulp, R.E.; Peterson, B.J. Preference in prey type and size of C​repidula fornicata​and ​Mytilus edulis ​by the mesopredator ​Dyspanopeus sayi​. (poster)

Chin, D.W.​; Peterson, B.J. A commensalism between awning clams (S​olemya velum​) and eelgrass (Z​ostera marina​) mediated by sulfide­oxidizing bacteria.

Floros, N.J.​; Kulp, R.E.; Peterson, B.J. Evaluating effects of habitat type on foraging efficiency.

Furman, B.T.; Hall, M.O.; Merello, M.; Durako, M.J. Field notes on the recurrence of ​Thalassia testudinum ​die­off in Florida Bay.

Heck, S.M.​; Tinoco​, A.I.; Peterson, B.J. Exploring how a suite of predators influences the vertical spatial distribution & survival of bay scallops.

Kulp, R.E​; Peterson, B.J. Comparing functional response curves across a structural density gradient with increasing intraspecific competition.

Peterson, B.J. “All I want to do is HIDE around, Sally”: Ken’s evolving thoughts on habitat complexity and species diversity.

Stubler, A.D.; Peterson, B.J. Ocean acidification accelerates dissolution and bioerosion in a coral rubble community.

Tinoco, A.I.; Heck, S.M; Peterson, B.J. Effects of Hurricane Sandy on Great South Bay, Long Island: Assessing water quality, seagrass and nekton communities.

Vlasak, T.J.; Kulp, R.E.; Peterson, B.J. Comparing the survivorship of ​Dyspanopeus sayi ​in slipper snail and seagrass beds in Shinnecock Bay, New York. (poster)


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