#29 Art2Go From Zuccaire Gallery

In addition to be a leading research university, Stony Brook is  home for many arts and music programs that serve the community.

Art2Go is an education initiative created  by Paul  W. Zuccaire Gallery Director and Curator Karen Levitov with the goal of bringing art to schools and school groups to art. They recently held a two-day art engagement project with the 5th Grade Art Club of Port Jefferson’s Edna Louise Spear Elementary School.l


Students from Port Jefferson were joined by artist Lorna Bieber (center) to create their own pieces of art drawing on her works for inspiration.

Nearly two dozen students, art teachers, school principal and the school district’s Director of Music and Fine Art took part in the program. Day One was a visit to the elementary school. Students learned about artist Lorna Bieber, and then created their own work of art using images by Bieber.

On the second day, the students came to campus to showcase the works they made. They started with a visual learning activity focused on one large piece in the show currently in the Zuccaire Gallery of Bieber’s work. Then. working in pairs. the students took photocopies of their collage projects around the gallery to find the images that they used that are the artists’s work. As a final step, the collages were put on large paper to look like a Lorna Bieber work.

Bieber was so excited about the project that she came to the Zuccaire Gallery to meet with the students and see their projects.

Learn more about the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery: https://zuccairegallery.stonybrook.edu/